Neglected posting causes embarrassment and shame

Howdy internet seekers. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of sessions on top of sessions, new gear arrivals, revisions and mastering work. Both Dana T and I (Luke) have been hard at it, and Joel has even made it in to track a bit. Here is what has been up: William Elliott Whitmore […]

Published on: 6 September
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Karen Meat, Good Morning Midnight, Jenny Lynn Stacy, Dennis Glanville, Pat Hull, Liz Moen, PWHN and Blizzard at Sea

Since I last wrote a Septic system was installed, a bathroom was framed, wired and the water was run. I am currently mudding drywall, and am about to go and pick up the flooring. There will be a bathroom in no time, and my house bathroom will revert to being just a house bathroom again. […]

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Published on: 7 August
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Middle Western, Liz Moen, Sainthood and Feral Anthem

Middle Western is back in this week. They are currently about half way thru a full length record. It is exactly what you think it is going to be with the players involved. Whitmore has his signature rasp vocals, but is on a SG Bass. Zolo too has the crooning rasp, and is on Keys. […]

Published on: 5 July
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William Elliott Whitmore, B Star and Asher Brown

Whitmore is in today, starting our 9th record together. I would not even be doing this as a job had Will and I not worked out a deal so many years ago. I literally bought my first 8 track as a way to try and record him. Now we are working on record 8 and […]

Published on: 22 June
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Telekinetic Yeti, Carroll/Sims, Eric Pettit Lion and Jason Humphreys

Telekinetic Yeti are in tomorrow finishing their punishing, epic, technical and brutally metal record. DOOOOOOOOM. I will be glad to put this baby to bed, as I am sure they will too. When a record doesn’t get finished within the booked time, I feel bad for the band as they generally have to wait for […]

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Published on: 14 June
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Middle Western, Patty McPartland, and MacMillan/Spengler

Today and tomorrow I have Middle Western in. For those who do not know, that is William Elliott Whitmore, David Zollo, Steve Howard and Doyle and Brian Cooper. They are somewhat of a super group around these parts and I am excited to be working with them. For anybody from central Iowa that happens to […]

Published on: 1 June
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