“Comp” now available online for our out of town music supporters

Thanks to our sister company White Rabbit for making this easy for out of towners to order. Everybody appreciates it! COMP for online ordering Price includes domestic shipping, and the quantities are very limited. Grab them before they are gone. Thanks for supporting music and vinyl culture. You are part of the solution.

Published on: 21 April
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“COMP” LP by Flat Black Studios and Long Play Records

2013 was the best year Flat Black Studios ever had. No, I don’t mean the most profitable year, but the most consistently high quality music came thru the door of any year since we opened. From the vantage point of the engineer’s desk, 2013 was unrivaled, and will most likely not be topped again. Then […]

Published on: 15 April
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A kick ass week was had, and a kick ass week is coming up.

This week was a prime example of why I opened the studio. I had multiple days with multiple bands full of talented, tasteful and kind people. The studio’s week started with Dagmar, a group of lovely women recording extremely complex chamber folk. Dana T produced this and was doing some extremely cool stuff with the […]

Published on: 13 April
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Whitmore/Englert, Dagmar and Pets With Human Names

Saturday night I got to do a mobile recording gig, tracking William Elliott Whitmore at the Englert Theater as part of Mission Creek. My buddy Red was working the board doing the house sound, but the entire staff of the Englert were extremely helpful getting this all set up and running. It was a pretty […]

Published on: 7 April
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Foul Tip

Just got asked to send off a mix of a song I did last year for the band Foul Tip for a split 7″ they are doing with Little Tits. I revisited the track to tighten it up just a hair and listen to it thru the new monitors. Damn, they are a talented couple […]

Published on: 4 April
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Item 9, William Elliott Whitmore and Mad Monks

Last night Item 9 was in from 9pm until about 1:30am or so. We were dialing in the final mixes, fixes and edits for their 3rd record. I got a chance to record these guys under a different line up in their infancy. They have really grown, developed and made sure that their record is […]

Published on: 1 April
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W.E.W., Craig Michel, Item 9, Robin Wilbanks and Coolzey

I just got done with 3 long days with Iowa City’s Mad Monks. They are a pretty tough band to categorize, but they are extremely talented players with highly ambitious goals, and it falls into the genre of rock, most of the time. One of their songs clocked in at just shy of 30 minutes. […]

Published on: 26 March
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Just installed another set of monitors

This week we installed a new set of monitors. After reading some pretty rave reviews, we ended up with a pair of Sonodyne SM100AKs. Added to our already fantastic Dynaudio BM6as, and several sets of headphones we feel like the monitoring just too a big step forward. They are clean, unhyped, and have a fantastic […]

Published on: 20 March
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Mad Monks and William Elliott Whitmore

Over the weekend I put together a band to record a couple of songs for the new William Elliott Whitmore record. The band consisted of Mike Schulte on drums, ‘The Kid’ on guitar, Zach Westerdahl on bass, David Zollo on keys and Whitmore on acoustic and vocals. The session was a great success. I was […]

Published on: 17 March
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Low Forms, Coolzey and William Elliott Whitmore

Coming up this week at Flat Black, Abby and I are building a lot more gobos for the space. I have always defaulted for a big room drum sound, but for the new Whitmore record, Will and I have been listening to a lot of 70s rock/country (Muswell Hillbillies[Kinks], Sweet Heart of the Rodeo [Byrds], […]

Published on: 11 March
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